Mortgage Relief Calculator

Most lenders are providing mortgage relief options for people impacted by COVID-19. This relief is not “free”. This calculator will help you make an informed decision about mortgage relief options by estimating the cost of pausing your mortgage repayments or switching to interest only payments. The calculator assumes your Current Repayment, Interest Rate and Fees remain the same. We estimate the Remaining Term and Total Cost of your mortgage using these inputs you provide rather than the Contractual Term and your Contractual Repayments. The calculator is only designed for people currently making Principal and Interest repayments.

Mortgage details:


Relief options:



Current Repayment

Repayments after pause

Current loan term

Loan term with pause

Total cost of loan

Total cost of loan with pause

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This calculator provides an estimate only. Accuracy of the estimates are dependent on the data you enter. The calculator does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. Before making any decision about your mortgage you should consider talking to your financial adviser or mortgage broker. You should check the specific terms and conditions of the mortgage relief offer available from your lender.
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